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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coverall - A Dice Game

When I first started Guided Math years ago, this was one of the first games I taught my students.  It is simple and very easy to play.  I have used this game first through fourth grade because it is so versatile and can be modified to fit the needs of your students.  You can choose which operation you want students to use.  It works for either addition, subtraction or multiplication.


A Math Dice Game

Number of Players:  Two

Materials:  Dice, Something to Write With and Game Grids

Object:  Be the first person to fill in all the grid.

1.  Choose which operation you are going to use.  Addition, Subtraction or Multiplication

2. The first players rolls the dice and then completes the problem.

For Example:
Dice 1:  3              3 x 4 = 12
Dice 2:  4

3.  He or she then colors in that number of squares.  

In this case 3 x 4 = 12  
The student would fill in 12 squares.

4.  Players continue taking turns.

5.  The first player to fill in all squares wins.

*** To make things more interesting, have students play the best out of three.***

I have included two different game boards with this game.  
**The first game board is 100 squares.  This is good for shorter games, younger students and addition or subtraction games.

**The second game board is 300 squares.  This is good for multiplication games or if you want to make the addition games longer in length.


  1. This is such an easy, but effective game! Thanks for sharing! I just found your blog today through a post by Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher. Love your blog!

  2. Your blog is so awesome. All really good information.

  3. Thank you very much for creating and sharing the game. I appreciate that is was free as well. Really appreciate your time and talent. :)