Monday, March 21, 2011

Gain and Loss - A Math Card Game

Gain and Loss
An Addition/Subtraction Card Game

I have a new one for you today!  This game is one I teach the kids how to play during the first weeks of school.  This card game helps to reinforce addition and subtractions skills.

One deck of cards
Recording Sheet- one per player

You can download this recording sheet for free.  Laminate for repeated use.

Number of Players
Two to Four

Have the highest total after 20 rounds.

How to Play

1.  Shuffle a deck of cards, place in pile, face down.  Use only numbers 2-10.  You can use the face cards, just assign a number value to them.  For example...  Jack is 11  Queen is 12  King is 13 and  Ace is 14 or 1.

2.  Each student needs his or her own recording sheet.

3.  Each player automatically starts with 15 pts.  Players take turns drawing one card at a time.  They add or subtract depending on what card they draw.

4.  Black cards are the GAIN meaning ADD
     Red cards are the LOSS meaning SUBTRACT

5.  Students continue taking turns drawing one card at a time, recording their card, and adding or subtracting.  If the pile of cards runs out, shuffle and put back into stack.

6.  At the end of 20 rounds, the person with the highest total wins!


  1. Looks wonderful! I couldn't get to the link. Can you send it out again?

  2. The link is all fixed! Thanks for the heads up. I hope you enjoy the game!

  3. Wow love your idea... I will implement this to my class... thanks for providing us resources and ideas in teaching our students while having fun!

  4. Great site! I will be following you for sure .

  5. Thanks so much for all the good ideas and free printables. I have a second grader struggling with math and these games will be really fun abd helpful. Thanks again.

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