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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Going to Boston - Addition Dice Game

Yes, the name of this game is Going to Boston. I didn't make it up, I found it a couple years back and well I think it's a clever, catchy title that kids will always remember.

Going to Boston
A Dice Game

Materials:  Three Dice
                 Recording Sheet

Number of Players: 3 or more

Skill:  Addition or Multiplication

How To Play:

1.  Have each player roll one die, the highest number goes first.

2.  Each players takes a turn rolling all three dice.  After the first throw, the player will remove the die with the highest number and puts it aside.

 Example:  Dice 1: 4
                 Dice 2: 2           The player would take out dice 3 that had a 6.
                 Dice 3: 6

3.  Roll the remaining two dice and again take out the highest number and set aside.

4.  Roll the last dice and add up the numbers on all three dice to get the player's score for that round.

5.  Record the total of the three dice on the recording sheet.

6.  Continue to take turns, each group member going once.  The highest score for the round wins!

Students can play for a set number of rounds and add up the combined totals to find an all time champion.

** Play with two dice for younger students
** Keep the lowest numbered die instead of the highest.
** Increase the number of dice to four for more complicated addition skills
**  Use multiplication by taking the sum of the first two dice and multiplying it by the third.