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Friday, June 24, 2011

Place Value Game - Cards or Dice

This is a simple place value game that several teachers might already know and have taught.  It helps to reinforce place value.  You can teach students of many levels, since you determine what the highest place value that will be used.  You can also determine whether students are playing to create the highest number or lowest number.

Place Value Mat
One dice or playing cards (no face cards)
How to Play

1. Each player takes a turn either pulling a card or rolling the dice.

2. The player determines where on their place value mat, they want to place the number. They write that number in the designated column.

For example: A 5 is pulled out of the deck of cards.
The player chooses to put the five in the hundred column.

Ten Thousands

3. Play continues until each player has filled up their place value mat.

4. Students compare numbers. The person with the highest (or lowest) number wins.

Notes and Modifications

*Note that when using dice, the standard die will only have numbers 1-6 but playing cards will give you 1-9 (and if needed you can use the ace as a 0).

* For younger students you can use the a few place values, whereas older students, you can go up the millions.

*To go even more advanced, for those students who need a bigger challenge, have students create the highest number they can, record it down. Then make the lowest number they can, record it down. The players then subtract the lowest number from the highest number to get their new total. The player with the highest final number wins.


Math Place Value Game PDF


  1. Thanks, Mary! This is such a great game!!!

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  2. I oh so love this but can't seem to get it to download:(( Tried 6 times!! I'll try again later. Super idea and I love the differentiation you have put in it:) I'm a new follower:)

  3. Tara, if the download doesn't work again, try this link. It is the direct link to my scribd file. Hope it works! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing!!!


  5. Great activity! Thanks for sharing. (I'm a follower.)

  6. Could you put a google doc version of this? I can not seem to download it from scribd. :(

  7. I added it to my Google Docs... Here you go...

  8. Thank you for putting it on google docs!

  9. I currently teach K-3 grade in all subjects. It is like a large home school setting. Thank you for your ideas. I am always looking for new things.