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Monday, June 20, 2011

Yahtzee for Multiplication

Happy Monday Everyone!

Did you know that Yahtzee is a great game to play during math stations?  I have a game for you today that is an abbreviated version of Yahtzee.  The regular game would last too long to fit into your guided math game station, this abbreviated version would fit in perfectly.  This game helps to reinforce multiplication and addition skills.

Yahtzee for Multiplication

- Score Sheet for each player
- 9 Dice

How to Play

1.  Each player gets 7 turns (of three rolls) to complete his or her score card.  Player one rolls the dice.  That player will decide what denomination to Keep.
                              For example the player rolls:  4  6  8  2  5  4  3  4  9
                              This player might decide to keep the fours, since there are three of them.

2.  The players sets the Keeper dice aside and re-rolls the remaining dice.

3.  If more of the same Keepers are rolled, they set them aside.  The remaining dice will be re-rolled for the third and final time.

4.  The player records the number Keepers rolled and records them down in the corresponding number column.

5.  Play continues around the group until each has had seven turns of three rolls. 

6.  Students then multiply the columns.  They take the number in the dice column times the how many column to get the last column.  So if they rolled the # 2 dice... 5 times.... the last column would be a 10.

7.  Once all columns are multiplied across, students add the numbers going down to get their grand total.

8.  The player with the highest score is the winner.

I have created the Score Card and have included printable instructions on how to play...

(laminate the score cards for repeated use)

Enjoy and Happy Playing!

Math Game Yahtzee


  1. I LOVE me some Yahtzee! And this is an awesome activity! Can't wait to use this next year!

    3rd Grade Gridiron

  2. If you are using dice, how do you end up rolling an 8 and a 9 in your example?

  3. This game pulled up in scribd, for which you need a membership. Your other games loaded in another program. Is this one available in another format that won't require joining scribd? Thanks! Love your site! I am teaching a split and you are helping me SOOO much.