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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Twist on Go Fish - Multiplication Go Fish

Almost everyone knows how to play Go Fish.  The game itself is great for young students learning number recognition.  For older students the game can be modified into Multiplication Go Fish.  Here is how you play...

Multiplication Go Fish

Object:  To collect pairs of cards with the same number on them.  Players search for cards with number that match the number they already have in their hand.  However in this version, players ask if another player has a certain number, not by calling out the number, but by forming a multiplication question.

Materials:  Deck of Cards

Number of Players: 3 or more (can be played with 2, but best with 3 or more)

How to Play:

1.  Deal five cards to each player.  The rest of the cards go in a pile in the middle.  This will be the draw deck.

2.  Players alternate turns as they ask another player if he or she has that certain value in their hand.
                               For example:  Do you have any 3 x 3's (9's)?

3.  If that player has that number, he or she must give it to the person who asked for it.  That person puts the matched pair down in front of themselves.

4.  If the player does not have that number, he or she says "Go Fish", the player who asked for the card must draw a card from the draw pile.

5.  If the card drawn matches what they asked for, they may put the match down in front of themselves, if no match, he keeps the card and the next player goes.

6.  Play continues until one player is out of cards. 

How to Win:     Players count up their pairs.  The player with the most pairs is the winner.

Have Fun and Enjoy!


  1. You always have such great games for facts. Thanks for always sharing them!

    I Heart Teaching Elementary

  2. Hmm...any ideas on how to get kids to not just call out 1's facts or other easier facts all the time?

  3. tspraul: One idea is when introducing the game, brainstorm with the students and come up with a list of prime numbers. Then make a chart and tell them these are the only numbers they can use 1 with. Just a thought... :-)

  4. Mary, GREAT idea!! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be adding this game to my list. :-)

  5. Love this! I can use this with addition, too. Thanks!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  6. Mary,
    Could you please respond to a "need your advice" question on my blog?
    Http:// I am very interested in your response. I had a teacher from Canada reply too, and she had somegreatcomments.
    Deborah Devine

  7. We can never have too many ways to help students learn their multiplication facts. Without these basic skills students have little success in fifth grade math.

    Thank you for sharing your great ideas,

    William Smith

  8. Thanks for preparing such a good resource really Love this! I can use this with addition, too.

  9. Nice post wonderful and it can be seen in the multiplication facts posted in your blog.