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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The End of Molasses Classes - Part 2 Review

Good Morning!  Today I am bringing you the second of four reviews on the book, The End of Molasses Classes.  This is part of the TBA Book Club study on this book.

Part 2 of, The End of Molasses Classes, is all about the role of the parent in the success of the child.  This section takes a look at how parents play a vital role in the home/school connection. 

I have been incredibly lucky to have great parents over my 10 years of teaching. *Knock on Wood*  Even with having great parents, I still have experienced the very involved parent to the non-existent parent.  There is nothing more frustrating knowing how much more successful a child can be if only there was structure and parental support.  I do what I have to do in my short time with these children to make sure I am making that difference, however you only have to look at a child with support and see what ground you can't make up for.

I had to laugh at #30- Don't get your kid a video game system unless you are ready to be a prison guard!
A couple weekends ago my dad, holding his new granddaughter/my niece, says to me, "How do you keep kids from playing video games?"  Of course I laughed and replied, "Umm, don't buy one."  Plain and simple.  I don't think all video game systems are bad.  I grew up with Atari and the first Nintendo.  However, my life wasn't consumed by video games.  Limitations and structures are good.  You need to know your child and recognize if they have an addictive nature, are their thoughts always consumed by video games.  Great, now I am having Pit Fall and Dungeon and Dragon flashbacks. :)

#31- Show them how to study; don't expect it to come naturally.
I think as a third and fourth grade teacher, this one hits home.  These are the years that testing becomes more prevalent in the classroom.  This principle goes not only for parents but teachers as well.  I can't stand in front of the room and tell them they have a test next week and they better study.  They don't know HOW to study.  What can they do to remember the information?  It is important to show several ways of studying and let them choose which method is the best.  I think it would also be helpful to include in your newsletter to parents, tips on how to study and how they can help their child.  This might make a good foundation to good study habits for the rest of their school career.

There are 9 other great tips for parents in this section from Realize that even very good children will sometimes lie to the helicopter parent.  Check out the book to read more.

Until next week, when I review Part 3- Creating the Right Climate and Culture.
If you want to read more... Check out TBA's Book Club study


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