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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Math Dice Game - Roll 1,000

I found an old memory stick this week.  Amazing what you might find on one!  I was going through some of my old teaching files and came across this game I had saved.  I don't know where I originally found the directions to this game.  I decided to make a player page for it.  Makes it easier for students to record down what they rolled and to keep track of their total score.  I'm passing it on to you as this would make a great addition to your math game station for guided math or math centers.


Dice 1000

Objective: To practice three digit addition and three digit multiplication skills
Materials: 5 dice

How To Score
Every ‘1’ you roll = 100 points
Every ‘5’ you roll = 50 points
Every ‘2, 3, 4, 6’ = 0 points

Three or more dice that show the same number = that number multiplied times 100

Example: If you roll three or more 2’s, then you multiply the number you rolled, which is 2, times 100. 2x100=200, so you would get 200 points. If you roll three or more 4’s, then you multiply the number you rolled, which is 4, times 100. 4x100=400 points.

1. The first player rolls all five dice and write down his score. See the bold print above to find out how to score.

2. The first player records his/her total points now.

3. The first player can either stop or roll again. If he wants to stop, he keeps the points he just earned.

4. If he wants to roll again, he must roll the dice that will add to the score or lose that turns points. That means he must roll a 1, 5, or three or more of the same number. If the player does not roll any of those, he loses all points from the last time he/she rolled. If points were earned during this roll, you must record them now.

5. Take turns rolling the dice.

How to Win: The person to reach 1,000 points is the winner.

Math Game- Dice 1,000 PDF

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  1. Isn't this very similar to Farkle? I love the sheet to help kids keep track of their score. Thanks for sharing! ~Amanda @ The Teaching Thief