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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sending Math Games Home as Gifts

I've come across some great Pinterest ideas this morning... (doesn't that website just suck you in sometimes, I am trying to clean out my walk in closet, my spare bedroom is scattered with closet stuff and here I am on pinterest, HA)

I'm posting the links to two blogs.  Each blog has a post and free printouts of mathy games you can send home with your students.  It doesn't even have to be as a gift, these would make a great home school math connection.  I was just recently telling a parent to have their child show them the math games we do in class.  These handout booklets would be perfect to send home, a way for parents to learn all about the math games they play in class.

The first one comes from Ms. Fiorni's Stadium...  Click here to access the printable.

The second one I found comes from Dot's n Spot's... Click here to access her printable.

As I come across a great idea from other blogs, I will post it and share the blog I found it on.  I am all about not reinventing the wheel sometimes.  There are so many great blog/teacher authors out there with great ideas, this is my way of paying it forward.



  1. Thanks for the shout-out! My kids LOVED the games and were excited to take them home and play with their families. Glad you found the printables useful! Happy Holiday!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I have gotten many ideas from your blog as well.

    Happy Holidays.
    (Ms. Fiorini's Stadium)

  3. Thanks so much for finding AND sharing these games. They're fantastic!
    Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching