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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Do you know SumDog?

I recently discovered a new math website for students called SumDog.  How did I not know about this one before???  It is a fun, interactive math website where students work on their math facts while playing games.

Today I introduced the website to students and showed them how to use it.  The conversation that followed was quite funny...

Me -"I'm going to show you a math website called SumDog."

Kids- "Sun dog?"

Me- "No SumDog."

Kids- "What about some dog?  Whose dog is it?"

Me-" Noooo, sum, S- U- M as in adding.  Let me just show you..."

Let me say they were chomping at the bit to get their logins and to get started playing the games once I showed them what this website was all about.

What I love about this site is that each students gets his or her own login and you can monitor their progress.  Students earn coins and move up animal ranks by getting answers correct.  They games itself have great animation and keep the students' interest.  Students can use coins they earn to buy clothes for their customizable avatar.

So I am passing my new found jewel along!  Even though today was only the first day, I hope you students love it as much as mine do!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Math Toss - Pinterest Ideas...

I feel like I have been away for forever!  I can officially say I have been sucked into the NB black hole.  Not a good place to be in!  I'm looking forward to the end, I won't lie.  I am also battling a sprained MCL in my knee, not fun either.  But... the sun is out today and well I think I could use some sun... even if it is something like only 10 degrees out. 

I just found this one on Pinterest and love it!  I wish I could find the website that features this idea but when I click on the pinterest post, it just opens another pinterest window....  So to whoever thought of this idea... Thanks!!

Cube Toss - These two trays are ice-cube trays from the Dollar Spot at Target.  Write two digit numbers on labels and put them on each ice cube hole.  Kids toss two cubes, one into each tray.  They add the two numbers together on a recording sheet or whiteboard.