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Friday, April 6, 2012

A DonorsChoose $25 Giveaway!!

YIKES! It has been way too long since I've posted!  Although I have some very valid excuses...

#1- On March 31st I submitted my National Board work.  Man I was so glad to get that done and submitted.  The process is hard, a lot of work but hopefully once I am certified, it will all be worth it.  Doing my NB work was even harder because...

#2- I had knee surgery this morning... yes this morning... and no I can't believe I here on the computer posting! Those pain meds must be working.  I hurt my knee three months ago and it has been a big pain. A coworker friend said I have been walking around like Igor for the last three months. Going in today they weren't quite sure what I had done because it was not showing up on the MRI. Sure enough I tore my meniscus (cartilage).  Let the healing pain now begin!

With that being said....

I have a $25 GiftCard to giveaway to DonorsChoose!!

To enter:  Just write a comment answering this question...

What is your favorite math game to teach?

Also please post the link to your current DonorsChoose project.

One winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday, April 11th.

Good luck and happy entering!



  1. My husband had surgery for torn meniscus in the fall..recovery wasn't too bad. Good luck to you!
    My favorite math game to teach is "Race to a Flat". Kids roll dice & place that number of cubes on their mat. The goal is to 'trade up' to longs until you can trade up to a flat. It really helps kiddos with place value & regrouping.

    Here's the link to my project:

    Brenda @ Primary Inspired

  2. I hope you have a smooth recovery time. That does not sound like fun. My favorite math game is Number of the Day - Round Robin. I play this with my kinders almost every morning. Where I give them a number and one student starts counting. The student who says the NoD has to sit down, then we start again with the next person until one remains. The great thing with this is that we count by ones, twos, fives, tens depending on the number. It's great with skip counting.

    Here is my project: Donors Choose

    Kinder Kraziness

  3. Wow! You have been through alot in the past month! Love the blog! My favorite math game is Garbage. I teach my kindgarten students this game pretty early in the year. I have seen it played on Curious George too! You place ten cards face down in two rows. Jacks and Queens are garbage and Kings are wild. Take one card and place it in the appropriate spot starting at one and moving to ten. The first with all their cards flipped win!
    Thanks for the great opportunity to get a donation too! Here is my link!
    Carolynn Collard

  4. I love your blog! And I'm your newest follower! Hope you get to feeling better soon...I couldn't imagine going through knee surgery.

    My favorite game to teach my kiddos is "make a 10" with playing cards. You make 5 stacks of cards across and flip the top card face up (some stacks will not be equal, but its okay!). Then, they try to pair up cards to make 10. Aces are one and face cards are ten. If there are no pairs, then they put one card to the back of the pile and keep going. It's a great fluency game! At the beginning of the year, they are very timid and slow, but by February/March, they speed through it with ease!

    I also LOVE to teach/use Kakooma (by Greg Tang). I technically don't "teach" it, but we play as a class, and it REALLY builds fact fluency.

    Here’s my Donor’s Choose Project:
    Inadequate Inside Recess

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
    Just Tinkerin' Around

  5. I'm happy to hear that you're back in commission so soon after your surgery. My favorite math game to teach is Capture 5. It is a game from Math Investigations which is what we use in our county. The students randomly place markers and their player pieces on a 100 board. Then they take turns drawing cards that are either +/- ones or +/- tens and moving around the board collecting the markers. This game is a real place value "aha" for some students.

    My Donor's Choose Project can be found here:



  6. I hope you have a very speedy recovery!!

    My favorite game to teach is Addition Quick Draw, it is played like war. Each player says 1,2,3 draw and then they each flip over a card and who ever adds them up the quickest gets to keep the cards. You can also do it with subtraction. I like it to help build fluency with their math facts.

    My Donor's Choose Project can be found here:

  7. Wow! Bless your favorite math "game" to teach is Draw a Pair. I teach Kindergarten and it is like Old Maid but using large size playing cards. They have to ask for a pair of jacks, queens, et., and if they don't have a pair, they have to draw. Great for teaching math attributes!

    Here is my project:

  8. One of my favorites in my kindergarten classroom is "I have, who has?" It has been great for teaching numeracy. I have no DonorsChoose projects live at this time. If I win, I would give it to a friend. (Not sure which one... lol)

  9. My favorite math game to teach is Race to 100, using dice and place value blocks to teach addition and regrouping. I don't currently have a project, but here is one from a teacher at my wife's school:

  10. My favorite math game from our Investigations series is "Compare". It is basically war and works on bigger numbers and addition later.

    I also love the number squeeze games I find on other blogs. They work on number order, quantity comparisons, listening skills and more!

    Cathy I.
    Mrs. I's Class

  11. Congrats on being finished with NB - what a great feeling! So sorry about the knee surgery though - I hope you have a quick and smooth recovery!!

    My favorite math game to teach is with the rekenrek. Student A chooses a number card 1-20 and moves some beads over. Student B moves "the rest" of the beads needed to make the number card chosen. Then they switch roles.

    Here's my link:


  12. Good luck with the recovery!

    My favorite math game is very simple. It's a fast-paced round the world with index cards. Sometimes we play equivalent fractions, with two students trying to be first to call out a fraction equivalent to the one on the card. Sometimes we use decimals and have the students compete to call out the equivalent fraction. The student of the pair who gets it first gets to keep the card and remains standing up to compete with the next student in the circle. Here is my favorite current project:

  13. We love to play shark muncher,where each child is given a handful of goldfish crackers and then when given a subtraction problem, they are sharks that get to munch that many fish! Here is the link to my donor's choose:



  14. I find all my favorite math games on pinterest. I just found this one last week and my kids LOVE it. Instead of pennies, I use small pictures of the kids in our class. It makes them want to play a lot longer.

  15. Math Battle Groups! Student are grouped heterogenously and have to solve problems while working together. All students my achieve the correct answers together and call Doom Clock. When they do, the rest of the groups have 5 minutes to finish. We correct together and tally the points. The group with the most points wins.

  16. Eeek, I hope your recovery goes well!

    My favorite math game is Factor Captor- it is the only fun way I have ever found to teach factors and the kids love it (I'm not sure they know they're learning so much while they are playing!) :)

    Here's a link to my current Donor's Choose project:

    Do you know if you enter code "BREADPIG" or "SHOUT" they will DOUBLE your donation? Yay!

    Thanks for the chance to win :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  17. I love to teach "I have, Who has?" and "Snake" (a multiplication game that the kids love)! Teaching with games makes learning so fun for my third graders!

    I have a couple of donors choose projects currently. The links are below! Donors Choose has enabled me to give many things to my students that I couldn't have otherwise! I love DC! Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!!


    Third Grade's A Charm

  18. In my first grade classroom we are working on our addition factions and we definitely love playing with dominoes and dice whenever possible! The kids roll the dice (twice for subtraction) and then roll it again and add or subtract the numbers. They get to work with partners, and have fun with dice at the same time!

    I'm a first year teacher and am always looking for successful math games so I will look forward to reading some of the lower grades ideas!

    My donors choose project is:

    Thanks for putting this on!!!

  19. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

    My favorite math game to teach is called "Monster Squeeze" from the Everyday Math Series. Basically, students try to guess a number on the number line. Each incorrect guess makes the monster squeeze the number line smaller and smaller so that the correct answer is the number that is left.

    My donor's choose web address is

    You are so sweet!

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  21. My favorite math game to teach is a math jeopardy-esque game. I have groups create equations, word problems, vocabulary, etc. on index cards. When each group has created 5-7 questions, I mix them all up, and have 1 person draw a card. All students work the problem/answer the vocab question on their whiteboards, then I tell them check with their group. Any group that gets the right answer gets a point. It's a great way to practice math facts, review concepts, and get lots of math talk in!


    My donorschoose link:

  22. I had the same surgery last year after three months of limping around - they discovered torn meniscus. Hang in there, it will get better!
    One of my favorite math games to teach kindergarten kids is the Everyday Math game Monster Squeeze. The kids love guessing numbers and moving the markers until getting the number right. They love it even more now that I have the iPad app for them to play it also.
    My donorschoose link is

  23. Hope your knee feels better quickly!

    My kinder students love any memory/concentration games we play. We've done shape matching, number matching, number/pip matching, and more. They never get tired of it and most pick up on watching to try to remember where the matching pieces are for their turn.

    I just posted a DC math project!

  24. Our favorite PE/Math game is UPSIDE DOWN, RIGHTSIDE UP
    Players are divided into two teams: Upside down team and Rightside up team.
    An even number of pods or cups are randomly placed on the floor around a large open space with half turned upside down and half turned rightside up. On the teacher's signal the children move freely around the space with the upside down team turning pods/cups upside down and the rightside up team turning them rightside up. All play stops on the teacher's end signal and the total number of each upside down/rightside up cups are counted and entered on a T-chart. Final numbers are compared for greater/lesser value and difference and a "winner" is determined for the round. Multiple rounds are played. All data can be analyzed at the end of play for total # of wins, greatest difference, etc. Data can be graphed or charted and word problems can be created from the experience. It's a great game for the kinesthetic learner and a lot of fun. Plus it's gross motor and gets the kids up out of their seats and literally actively involved in the learning.

  25. Race Around The Clock is such a fun game to play when teaching elapsed time to 3rd graders. The board game can be used for 4th, too. We have played it in small group and even as a whole class in teams. So fun! Very educational.

  26. My favorite math game to play during art is mental math!

    Here's my link:

  27. Hi, sorry to hear about your knee. I teach physical education. My favorite math game is a relay I play with fluff balls and beanbags. The students run or use the scooter to get to the fluff balls to get the most points. Each color has a different value. The students try to get as many fluff balls as they can within the allotted time. When finished they must add up their points, remembering what each color is worth. Sometimes I have them subtract by making a color negative points. I have yet come up with a name for this relay.

  28. Hi! I hope I'm not too late for this! :-) I hope you are doing well after your surgery -- I haven't had knee surgery but I did have back surgery and the recovery was quite tough! But it was all worth it in the end because I eventually felt SO much better, and I know the same thing will happen for you too!!! :-)

    I LOVE teaching math, and one of my favorite games to teach my kids is Multiplication War. It's basically played just like the original card game, War, only when the students flip over their cards, they have to multiply the 2 numbers and whoever answers correctly first, wins the hand. You can differentiate this game by only using certain cards in the deck. You can also create your own numbers for the face cards, but usually, Ace = 1, Jack = 0, Queen = 11, and King = 12. The kids love it and it really helps them learn their facts! :-)

    I have a few Donors Choose projects right now, and a donation to ANY of them would be very much appreciated! You can view them here:

    Thank you so much for supporting teachers, classrooms, and most importantly, STUDENTS and their LEARNING! :-)

    PS. The "My Mommy Reads" blog sent me here! Yay! :-)