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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

100% on the Test Buttons Freebie

100% on the Test Buttons!

Looking for a great way to help celebrate your students' successes?  I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and knew that it would make a great addition to my own classroom.

The idea comes from Ron Clark whereas each student, who gets a 100% on his or her test, wears the button for the day!  A bit of a way to celebrate those high achievers.

These buttons are EASY to make!  I found a do-it-yourself, Design a Button, kit from Hobby Lobby.  The package looks like this...

You get 12 buttons for $4.99.  The buttons are 2.5" each.

Then you create your inside.  Print and cut.

Put your design into the button and snap shut!

Here is my finished product...

Now... to make things easy for you... Here is a free download of the button insides!!



  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I wanted to do this and even bought buttons but they ended at the bottom of my "to do" pile (it just keeps getting higher and higher :) You've inspired me to dig them out and get these done!


  2. Love these so much that I already bought the materials and made them! Can't wait to use them next year and recognize all my students' hard work.