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Monday, August 20, 2012

Made it Monday - Bottle Cap Math

Bottle Cap Math

It seems like I drank water all summer.  Let me rephrase... it took me ALL summer to drink enough water to collect enough bottle caps to create this math game. :)

I found this idea originally on pinterest and thought, "Hey I can do that one!  What a great way to recycle all those water bottle caps."  I didn't realize how many bottle caps one would need to create this game.  Even after making this game, I still have bottle caps randomly laying around the house, as I always made sure to take the cap off when I was done.

In the end I was able to make a couple versions out the caps.  I had one set of large bottle caps and one set of small bottle caps.

Here is my large version.  Some of the caps are orange because that was the flavor of that water, it apparently stains the cap. I figured they still work just fine, orange color and all.

...and here are the small caps.

I used regular paint pens to write the numbers on top of the caps. 
The numbers are bright and bold this way.
  I also made sure to wash and dry the bottle caps before I put the numbers on them.

I decided to use random math facts for each set.  Each set is complete, meaning there will be no leftover caps once students create their number sentences.  I also opted not to use the multiplication and equal signs. (That would of taken another whole case of water here).

I'm thinking that students can use these games as independent games or as partner games.  For the partner game students can time each other to see how fast they can put together all the number sentences.  I'll see how this game plays out once students get their hands on it this school year.

I'm also going to ask students to save their bottle caps too.  I would like to make a set for each of the multiplication families, but that is going to take a whole lot of drinking!


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  1. Mary, How do you plan on using the bottle caps in the game? Do you have directions?