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Friday, September 7, 2012

Free Game Friday - Featuring Creative Classroom 123

You know what time it is!!  Free Game Friday!!

By now you should be in full swing of teaching expectations and modeling each of your Guided-Math stations.  Remember take - your - time with this!  Don't rush getting math stations started!  Teach a few basic math games to start.  You don't want to overwhelm your students with too many games/directions/choices.

I have a few games for you today that come from Michelle of Creative Classroom 123!  She has quite a few free math games that are fun, interactive, and visually appealing!  I love them!  Check them out...

1.  Penguin Dial a Sum - Student turn the dial on the penguin to practice basic math facts.

2.  Spring Fraction Matching Cards - Kind of like memory/match, students match the fraction with the coordinating picture.

3.  Monster Problem Solving - Students use the monsters to help solve the word problems!  Would be great as a October themed math game!



  1. I love the fraction game. Thanks for the link up. You're the best,
    ;0) Melissa

  2. Those are some neat ways to teach. Probably best suited at home, that the teacher should have more advanced teaching method.