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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Peppermint Craft for December

Hello Readers!

I wanted to share with you an easy December craft that is sure to make your room yummy and festive!  It still is holiday oriented but neutral for all those of different religions.

Peppermint Craft
small, dessert size 7" paper plates.  I use the more heavy duty ones as they look better.  An example would be these from my local party store.  It really doesn't matter what color you get as you will never see the inside color.  Also I found mine in the clearance aisle of Target for a $1 for 24.  You need two for every student.
Roll of Cellophane - from craft or party store
Curling Ribbon
How to Make:
1.  Give two plates to each student.  They need to design their peppermint.  I showed pictures of peppermints on the SmartBoard so they got an idea of how to draw one.  They used either red or green.  Color on the back, white side of the plate.

2.  Staple the two plates peppermint side out.  I only staple it twice, one on each end.  I suppose the kids can glue the two plates together, but it is MUCH easier just to make two staples.
3.  Use the cellophane to wrap up the plates.  I secure the cellophane in place by making another staple right at the top of the peppermint.  It might take a few tries to get the feel and placement of how the cellophane wraps around - play around with it so you know what is should look like.
4.  Cut two pieces of curling ribbon.  I show the students how to gather the sides and use the ribbon to make a knot.  They can curl the ribbon or leave it as is.
5.  And really that is it!  I usually make these every year and hang them from the ceiling of my classroom for the month of December.  (the kids swear they can smell the peppermint when they make these).



  1. We do this craft as well. But we use two plates per kid because we take a cottonball dabbed with peppermint extract and put it inbetween the plates before we wrap them up. Then it's a cute craft and it smells divine!

  2. I love this idea. Does anyone have any ideas how we could integrate mathematics into the making of these in our classrooms?