Sunday, March 2, 2014

If You Give a Teacher a Jamberry

If You Give a Teacher a Jamberry

Have you ever heard of Jamberry nails??  If not, you will now! :)  
As a self-proclaimed hater of nail polish, I have finally found my nail go to!

Here is my most recent Valentine's Day Jam-icure!


Jamberry nail wraps are non-toxic, you apply them over your nails, acrylics or even gel nails.  They fit all sizes from "I bite my nails length" to long nails.  In fact, people with short nails find that these help them grown out their nails and help prevent biting!  Nail wraps are made with a special vinyl that is heat activated. Here is a little about the wraps...

Each set of wraps is only $15 and as always are Buy 3, Get 1 Free!  Each sheet of wraps comes with enough wraps to do your nails a few times.  You can easily get 2 manicures and 1-2 pedicures out of each set.  Do the math... that means you get a professional looking manicure for only $3-$5 each application.  Salon manicures can't beat that!

Think about it...

Why I Want to Introduce You to Jamberry....

1.  I get a look that lasts two weeks on my fingers and six weeks on my toes!!  I don't have to worry about chips, these will never chip!!  and no dry time!  Once on your nails you don't have to wait to dry.  The only thing you do need to do is not stick them in water for about two hours (time for the adhesive to set).

2.  Relatively easy to put on at home.  I get quicker and quicker with each application.  There is a tiny learning curve but once you figure out the tricks to putting it on your own nails, your application time is reduced. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes from start to finish.

3.  They come in a variety of over 300 different colors, patterns, and finishes!  My biggest problem in decided which pattern I want to use next.

New Spring/Summer Wraps!

4.  The Junior Line... they come in kid sizes!  and boy oh boy, the junior wraps are beyond cute!  I did my two year old niece, besides a little toddler squirm here and there... they were easy to put on.

5.  Teacher friendly---- top reason why I hate nail polish... it never lasts more than a day on my teacher fingers.  These don't require a lot of maintenance and are budget friendly! 

Here are some of my own Jamberry Jam-icures!

Candy Scallop

Red Sparkle (on two weeks at this point)

Pink Ombre and Chalkboard Hearts


Hooked Like I Am??

Ready to try some out, you can purchase right from my personal Jamberry page.  

Want to try it out before you buy?  
You can request a free sample from me and I'll send it in the mail!  
Click on the picture below to request your sample.

When ordering, wraps arrive within 7-10 days.  Don't miss out on the Buy 3, Get 1 free deal.  
Once you order one set, believe me, you are going to want more!  Once you get used to the wraps, you will find it fun to mix and match your wraps, different combinations of colors and patterns.

Want to Earn Free Jamberry??

If you are like me, the first thing when I asked when I started was, "How can I get free product?"  To get some free product you can be the hostess for an online FB Jamberry party.  You will earn hostess rewards such as free and or discounted Jamberry sheets/products.

The party is easy!  I'll set up an FB party, you invite your friends to join in.  I do the work by posting and interacting with your friends.  Your job is to sit back, interact with the party, and earn rewards while your friends get to try out Jamberry too!  It always is best to try out the Jamberry first, so your friends can see it in person.  We will schedule your party in advance, so you will have an ample amount of time to show off your wraps.  If you want to sign up for a party, I'll mail you catalogs and samples that you can pass around to your friends.  Hosting an online party is a great way to get free wraps!

I initially held a Jamberry party and was able to get all these rewards!

What you can earn for hosting a Jamberry party...

Joining the Jamberry Party!

Once you are Jamberry addicted, you're going to want to be involved, kind of like, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...  only more like "If You Give a Teacher a Jamberry!"

You can join my team and become a consultant yourself.  It is a fantastic way to earn extra cash while getting discounts on Jamberry for yourself!  Once you start wearing them, people are going to notice and ask you about them.  Once you get people noticing, you know that you'll have interest in people buying from you.  I was at my local Chinese restaurant when I had the waitress go crazy over my nails!

I've been part of Jamberry for a little less than two months now!  
I make my own hours and have fun working.  
**Yes, I'm going to reveal how much I made my first month because it 
shows how much Jamberry really does pay**
My first monthly commission, bonus, and product credit was between $500 and $600 dollars!  Um, who doesn't want a little extra spending cash like that in their hands?  ...and I'm only a small fry, other consultants, who are also teachers, make way more than that!

As a Jamberry consultant you receive TONS of support.  You don't start blindly and never will you go without knowing what to do!  You will join my team and also the team I am on.  The amount of support is beyond incredible.  We share pictures, files, and ideas.  Whenever I have a question, I post it, and within seconds (yes seconds sometimes) you'll have an answer.

I never, never, never thought I'd become a sales consultant of any type.  NEVER!  However, once I found Jamberry, I was in love!  I knew I had to be part of it.  You can do it as a hobby, just making the minimum required each year and getting free product for yourself.  Or you can put a full force effort and watch the extra cash roll in!

To join my team, you'll purchase a $99 starter kit.  The kit comes with WAY MORE than what you pay for it.  Just 4 sets of wraps, heater and application kit would cost $85 alone. Check out the picture to see what you actually get.  Once you get your kit, you start hosting your own online, catalog, or home parties.   If you have any questions or want to join my team, you can leave a comment here or email me at

For more information you can check me out at my Facebook Page or email me anytime!

Enjoy and Thank You!!  
I can't wait to see all of your Jamberry manicure pics!


  1. Do I become an official consultant right after I purchase my starter kit, or can I wait a few weeks to get started (such as the launch party)

    1. Hello! I'm not sure if anyone has answered you yet, but you become a consultant when you purchase! You can host a party online and make money before your kit even gets there!! Contact me (if the person from this page hasn't yet)! I don't want you to miss out. It's helped my family so much! Email me for more info

    2. Hello! I'm sorry but my email was typed wrong. It's
      I would love to help!