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Books for Teachers on Guided Math

There is one resource book out there for teachers on the topic of guided math.  This book is called, Guided Math, by Laney Sammons.

Resource Game Books

This first book is called, Mega-Fun Card Game Math by Karol Yeatts.  It has a variety of different math card games that highlight skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, decimals, geometry and more.  The games are easy to teach and the kids enjoy them.  This is more suited for the stated grade range 3-5.  Typically all you need is a standard deck of cards to play.

This second book is the primary addition of the Mega-Fun Card Game Math by Karol Yeatts.  It features more basic card games to help primary students in grades 1-3.  Again it features card games that build skills such as place value, addition, subtraction and more.

25 Super Cool Math Board Games has easy to make math board games that are suitable for grades 3-6.  These are games you can make and put in your math game station.  I would make a few of each type of game.  That way you can keep the kids in the math game station in smaller playing groups, like 2 or 3 playing one game.

Math Games to Master Basic Skills is another reproducible math game board book.  It has games such as bingo, tic tac toe, go fish, and checkers.  Again, make several copies of each game, therefore less students playing on the same game board.
And of course I have to include the ever popular Evan Moor- Take it To Your Seat Math Centers.  I have included all different grade levels here.  These books are great because you don't have to make copies, just tear out and laminate if need be.


  1. Thanks for all the resources you have provided! I just started doing Guided Math this year and am constantly looking for resources so your ideas are very helpful. Another resource I have used often this year that others may find useful is:

  2. Thanks for sharing a new resource. Glad that I have some listed that can be of help!

  3. This is really nice and I am glad to visit this website.
    Other helpful website for Math practice is

  4. Hi, I will be teaching a 3/4 comes September and was wondering what you suggested for the Evan Moor resource the 1-3 or 4-6? Thanks

  5. Wish I'd found this website a few months ago, as I start my 2/3 combo class on Tuesday. I was dreading the stress and wondering how to convince parents about the practicality of the schedule, but now I'm looking forward to the challenge. Your resources and ideas will make a big difference in how I approach the school year.